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Making sure your home is as energy efficiency as possible just makes good sense. That's why Green Legacy Roofing is committed to providing energy-efficient home upgrades. We'll help improve the efficiency of your home and reduce your home's energy consumption. This will save you money month in and month out. We can do basic weatherization, which involves sealing various strategic locations in the building envelope where air and humidity can seep in and expensive conditioned air can seep out. Attic insulation levels and attic ventilation are both critical items that we evaluate and improve if needed.

It all starts with a free efficiency evaluation to determine just how energy-efficient your home is.

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We can take care of your insulation installation

We can take care of your insulation installation

Adding additional insulation where it is needed is one of the most cost effective energy efficiency upgrades you can do. It saves you money on HVAC services by sealing in heat during the winter and keeping it out during the summer. It also ensures that your air conditioning is not being overworked while keeping your home comfortable. We perform additional insulation installation using the most energy-efficient methods to squeeze the most value out of your home improvement dollar.

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