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Your roof is the barrier protecting your belongings, your loved ones and yourself from the many hazardous conditions that Mother Nature can produce. Make sure it's in good condition. Green Legacy Roofing offers roof inspections, roof replacement and roofing repair services so you can rest easy. We are there for you when Mother Nature does her worst. We offer full scope storm renovation work; gutters, window screens, fence repair and staining, exterior siding repair and painting, internal drywall repair and painting, as well as many other minor repair services that may be associated with an insurance claim.


Our services also extend to conducting energy-efficient home upgrades such as weatherization and insulation product and services.
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What makes Green Legacy Roofing the right choice for you?

With years of experience in the roofing, storm renovation and energy efficiency business, we know how to tackle the many problems that can occur with your roof here in North Texas. We at, Green Legacy Roofing, know how to detect and fix leaks in your roof. We have the experience to know when it's time to get an insurance adjuster involved in order to get a new roof replacement underway. Our last area of expertise is in energy efficiency. We can help you identify areas in your house that are not as efficient as they could be. We then offer solutions that will help make your home more comfortable and save you money on your energy bills. You can depend on our expertise and knowledge about the industry.

We care about making sure your roof is doing its job - keeping Mother Nature in check when she comes calling. The moment you notice an issue with your roof, let us know. We'll be there right away to assess the problem and make whatever repair is needed.

Get in touch with us fast for storm damage repair

After a severe storm ravishes your home and damages your property, call Green Legacy Roofing right away. We can help. We'll come to your property with materials and expertise to temporarily leak proof your roof so you can focus on getting the insurance adjustment process started. Not addressing these damaged areas on your roof can result in water infiltration, additional water related damage and potentially even dangerous mold inside your home. Don't let this happen. Contact us right away so we can help.

Our services include:

Storm damage restoration

Gutter repairs and replacements

Exterior renovations

Hail damage restoration

Full roof replacements

Fence repair and staining

Interior drywall repair and painting

Window pane and screen replacement

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Green Legacy Roofing offers comprehensive storm damage repair & roofing services